Mrs. Mudge

Grade: 2nd Grade Room: 12 Position: Instructional Assistant

Lisa Mudge began working at PCCS in December 2015. She wanted to return to work without being taken away from her own children and this was perfect as her children attend PCCS as well. Mrs. Mudge is very enthusiastic about the hands on and nature aspect of learning here and enjoys working with children, as she was previously a pediatric nurse. Mrs. Mudge started as an art major in college and later worked in advertising. A few years later, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and Psychology. Mrs. Mudge loves being out in nature and all the activities that go along with it. One interesting thing people might not know about Mrs. Mudge was that she was not born a Muslim. She is actually Irish, Scottish, English and French. She chose Islam as her faith in 1995. Her favorite childhood book was the  Little House On The Prairie Series, because of the way of life depicted in the series.