Ms. Kohn

Grade: 5th Grade Room: 24 Position: Instructional Assistant

Ava Kohn first came to PCCS as a student, and spent 9 years enjoying the education of PCCS. After leaving the school, she developed a deep passion for helping and teaching others. Throughout high school, and through college, she took many opportunities to volunteer for her community and for the environment. Ms. Kohn focused these passions in college where she earned her degree in Social Work.
Ms. Kohn was eager to return to Prairie Crossing for the opportunity to provide children from the community with the same high quality environmental education she received. Ms. Kohn often thinks fondly, and uses many of the lessons she was taught during her time as a student here and she is excited to continue PCCS’ history for creating natural leaders.
Ms. Kohn enjoys baking and cooking in her free time, all while listening to classic rock music.