Mrs. Johnson

Position: Physical Therapist

Renee Johnson started at PCCS in Fall 2018 as a physical therapist. She was drawn to PCCS through her experiences with family members who previously attended the school. She felt inspired by the environmental and natural setting PCCS offers for its students and feels it is a perfect environment to aid students with physical challenges. Renee got her Bachelor’s Degree at North Park University in Exercise Science and she earned her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University. From her standpoint, she personally prefers to be physically active outdoors, enjoying the outdoor environment for exercise rather than a contained sterile environment. She feels the many outdoor areas at PCCS permit the students more of an opportunity to take advantage of the natural environment and increase their physical activity. Mrs. Johnson has three teenage daughters and two large German Shepherds, all of whom enjoy being outdoors year round, so she is very connected to spending time outdoors and soaking up the range of weather we experience here. Mrs. Johnson’s grandfather lived until 101 and she asked him his secret to a long and healthy life–he said, “of course, exercise; physical activity.”