Mrs. Steinbeck

Grade: 6th Grade Room: 22 Position: Instructional Assistant

Tammy Steinbeck started at PCCS in 2014 as Instructional Assistant. She started substitute teaching at PCCS earlier this school year and then took an open position to be an Instructional Assistant in Ms. Hahn’s room. Her family has been part of PCCS for the past 11 years. Her educational background is in business administration with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. She loves to be outdoors and there are so many wonderful places here in Lake County to explore. You can usually find Mrs. Steinbeck running, biking, kayaking, snow shoeing, or photographing these areas in her free time. She looks forward to sharing her love of the outdoors with her class. A favorite quote of hers is, “One of the greatest gifts you can give anybody is the gift of your honest self.” by Mr. Rogers. No matter how many times she has seen it before, when Oceans 11 is on, she has to stop what she is doing to watch it.