Mrs. Nasir

Position: After School Care Assistant

Nasreen Nasir started working at PCCS 2004 as an Instructional Assistant. One of the largest reasons she was drawn to PCCS was her love of the environment & PCCS emphasis on outdoor learning activities. Mrs. Nasir attended and graduated college while living in her native Pakistan. She has continued to pursue education by taking early childhood development courses as well. Mrs. Nasir is  the daughter of a farmer. Sustainable living is a large part of her upbringing. She was raised in the country, loved nature, gardening, and taking care of animals. What she likes most about PCCS is the campus setting and open lands that allow the children to explore their environment in a safe and structured way.  Each morning, she looks forward to playing with the children in before school care.  She loves the opportunity to help them have a happy start to their day. A favorite book of Mrs. Nasir’s that she recommends everyone read is the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.