Mrs. Bhattacharya

Position: Social Worker

Mrs. Paramita Bhattacharya (Mrs. B) has worked as a social worker in IL for the last seven years. She is a big believer of helping students reach their potential by supporting their social-emotional well-being. As a child, Paramita was always drawn towards helping the ones in-need. She has been a social worker for a while and enjoys working with “little people” and “emerging adults”. Paramita completed her Masters of Social Work from India and specialized in health and mental health. She did her PEL certification coursework from Grand Canyon University. Paramita did her school social work internship from Grayslake Central High School. Before coming to Prairie Crossing Charter School , she has worked with SEDOL and other Title 1 school districts. She was fortunate to study abroad and worked in London as a qualified social worker with foster children and foster carers from diverse nationalities. As she started her journey this school year (2022-23) with PCCS, she has become more aware of how the environment and social-emotional functioning go hand-in-hand. Paramita believes that we can all make a difference in this world and need to find our calling. According to her, kindness, empathy, and flexibility are her biggest strengths. In her spare time, Paramita enjoys gardening, reading books, watching thrillers, and cooking.