Mr. Stewart

Position: Instructional Assistant
Scott Stewart is a familiar face around PCCS and he was introduced to the school in 2016 as a parent of twin kindergarteners. Soon after, he joined the PSO as Chairperson of the New Families Welcoming Committee, meeting all of our incoming families and assisting with their acclimation to our great school.
Scott has helped in the classrooms as well by working as a substitute for IA’s during their lunch hours. After earning his Paraprofessional License, Mr. Stewart joins our team full time as a classroom Instructional Assistant.┬áMr. Stewart has a degree in Graphic Arts and enjoys creating original photographic art. Along with his wife, twins and a sloppy Boxer dog named Marty, you will find him water skiing in Northern Michigan during the summer. Something people may not know about Scott is that he was once a professional singing mime!