Mr. Siegel

Grade: 7th Grade Room: 25 Position: Instructional Assistant

Quentin Siegel first started at PCCS as a student and has since became an Instructional Assistant in the fall of 2017. After high school, a former After Care Supervisor invited him to work in the after care department with her. He wanted to come back because his memories of PCCS included lifelong friendships and many positive memories. Mr. Siegel is currently pursuing his teaching certificate. He enjoys spending time in nature; he remembers going on nature hikes with Naomi Hershiser, dating back to when he was a student here. He enjoyed having the opportunity to go outside in the middle of the school day, which was one of the things he felt students at other schools didn’t have the luxury to do.

He loves comedy movies the most and would watch Dumb and Dumber anytime it’s on–he enjoys humor! If Mr. Siegel had a superpower, he would want to be able to fly so he could go anywhere he wanted.