Mr. Scott

Grade: 7th Grade Room: 27 Position: Instructional Assistant

Adam Scott

Since starting at PCCS, Adam has learned where the closest park is and how to get to work riding his bike. Adam’s biggest environmental concern is how ecosystem functions are becoming less stable because of global warming and development. To help, he tries to reduce his consumption of resources by buying less stuff, and he tries to show people how to live more connected to nature by example and through teaching. One thing that gets Adam out of bed every morning is excitement for all the adventures he has planned, like biking, hiking, or exploring new places. A book Adam read often in childhood is The Andalite Chronicles, a part of the Animorphs series. It is told from the perspective of an alien. Adam thinks it is interesting to take the perspective of an alien to think about how strange humans are!

One thing people might not guess about Adam is that he really likes to cook. He especially likes baking savory foods like bread and waffles.