Mr. Luchetta

Grade: 7th and 8th Grade Room: 25 Position: Instructional Assistant

Vincent is many things, including being married with 3 daughters, (ages 19, 5 and 5 years old) and a granddaughter .He has been a touring sound engineer for the last ten years for artists such as Kid Rock, Jimmy Buffett, Carlos Santana, LL Cool J,  and many more. In 2014, Mr. Luchetta received his associates degree in Sociology and is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology. In June of 2019, he and his family moved from San Diego to Woodstock, IL for an opportunity to further their education and to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  His career path is moving towards education and community growth. 

Vince’s free time has been spent in a kitchen building his company as a farm-to-table alchemist and educating on how to eat clean and simply.  Every chance he can he spends time with his family and the community around him.