Mr. Blietz

Grade: Physical Education Room: Gymnasium Position: Physical Education

Dave Blietz started at PCCS in 2016 as a substitute teacher. His sister-in-law Nancy Reidy always had great things to say about the school, and she encouraged him to join the school community. Mr. Blietz was glad that she did. He graduated from NIU. Afterward, he started working for a company called Tempel Steel, which is owned by the same family that owns the Tempel Lippizan horses that are in located in Wadsworth. He immediately was drawn to this school because of the environmental emphasis that the students experience. He considers himself lucky because being a staff member here has allowed him to see how all of the students here have become good stewards of our earth. We should all be proud of them. One of the things he likes most about PCCS are the staff. They are a talented group of people. Right now, Mr. Blietz says his role models are the teachers who do it so well and make it look easy.