Ms. Makoski

Position: Instructional Assistant

Stephanie Makoski started at PCCS in 2018 as an Instructional Assistant. Stephanie was brought to PCCS due to its ability to focus on the individual student and their needs. Stephanie graduated from Carthage College with a Degree in Social Work. In her free time Stephanie tutors dyslexic children in reading and spelling using the Barton System. Stephanie’s relationship with nature is that it is a part of all of us. Spending time out in nature helps keep us happy, healthy and balanced. One interesting thing people may not know about Stephanie is how being dyslexic and her academic experience has greatly shaped who she is. Being greeted every morning by smiles and hugs from her two children is what gets her out of bed every morning. Stephanie’s favorite one sentence quote is by Winston Churchill, “success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”