Mrs. Krissek

Position: Instructional Assistant

Donna Krissek started at PCCS in 2005 out of an interest in learning more about Charter schools since they were starting to become an alternative to traditional public schools. She was also curious how the school would be able to tie in the enviroment to the students’ education. Mrs. Krissek has an MBA from Loyola University and spent 25 years in advertising before deciding to become a substitute teacher.

Mrs. Krissek makes a priority of getting the students outside for various activities. She feels it’s good for everyone to get away from the classroom and quietly observe and listen to nature. Mrs. Krissek most likes that the children can be themselves in a safe learning enviroment here at PCCS. When¬†Mrs. Krissek is 80 years old, advice she would have for her grandchildren would be to not work so much. She would encourage them to find an outside activity they enjoy and make time for it.