JoAnn Stewart

Position: Board Member
JoAnn is originally from San Diego, California but moved to Gurnee in 2004.  Much to the surprise to many, she never wants to go back…she likes the weather here!  She and her husband, Scott, have a boxer named Marty and PCCS Class of 2025 twins and are passionate about all the school has to offer.

JoAnn attended UC Davis where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Animal Behavior but ended up never leaving the industry that gave her a start back in high school. With over 30 years of experience in veterinary medicine, JoAnn is a leader in specialty practice management and administration. She is the founder and current coach and consultant for BTY Consulting Group and is the executive director of the Collaborative Care Coalition, a non-profit within the veterinary industry. Prior to her current roles, she was the COO of a national firm where she oversaw the building and operation of multi-site veterinary radiation therapy centers and has also led large teams in specialty and emergency veterinary hospitals. JoAnn focuses in developing the strengths of others and helping teams to always improve. She is passionate about collaboration and the integration of primary and specialty care to achieve optimal outcomes for pets, their families and the veterinary professionals that serve them.