Ms. Gallo

Position: Instructional Assistant

Rachel started at PCSS in 2018 as a 1st/2nd grade Instructional Assistant. What brought Rachel to PCCS was her passion to work with children. She truly feels that educators have the power to impact children positively and guide them towards a successful future. Rachel recently graduated from Western Michigan University where she studied social work. Aside from her education, she has a background working with a wide variety of students using both English and Spanish. Rachel believes that the environment plays an essential factor in our everyday lives and that it is important for everyone to become invested in utilizing our planet’s resources as effectively as possible. At PCCS, Rachel continues to practice activities that play a huge role on the environment such as reusing objects (i.e. water bottles). One interesting fact about Rachel is that she is an avid long distance runner as she enjoys participating in the occasional 10k or half marathon races. Rachel enjoys the energetic, driven, and positive staff most here at PCCS. Rachel’s favorite one sentence quote comes from Ronald Reagan- “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”