Carol Flaig

Position: Environmental Leader - Carson

Carol  began working at PCCS in 2004, when her two children were students at PCCS. With her love of nature and the outside, she felt PCCS was a good fit for her. Prior to working at PCCS, she stayed home with her children and worked in avian rehabilitation and education in Wauconda, Illinois.

She grew up spending much of her time outside–her family are avid hunters, fishermen, backpackers, mushroom hunters, and outdoor photographers. Her relationship and understanding of the natural world is as much a part of who she is as her family. If Mrs. Flaig could have dinner with anyone in history, it would be Teddy Roosevelt. She would love to talk to him about his passion for the natural world and how his childhood experiences molded him into a leader who defended it.  If she could compare herself with any animal, it would be a crow–she is rooted in family, relatively intelligent, and could make tools if necessary.