Kim Disalvo

Position: Business Manager

Kim Disalvo joined the PCCS team 2013 and is excited to be part of a progressive and innovative atmosphere where creativity and awareness is harnessed to provide a path to educational and environmental greatness for our future leaders. Mrs. Disalvo has over 10 years of accounting experience and adds her experience with Human Resources, with a focus on benefits administration to the Schools business office.

As a McHenry resident, Mrs. Disalvo and her family enjoy the beauty and serenity of living in the country and frequent the many nature centers and parks. They love gardening, cooking with natural ingredients and supporting the local farmers. Mrs. Disalvo is one of eight siblings, all of whom live within 45 minutes of her. No matter how many times she has seen the movie, Mrs. Disalvo watches “The Wizard of Oz” whenever it is on. As a child, she and her father would watch this movie faithfully whenever it was on TV and they still call each other when it is on to make sure the other is watching it, as a way to be together. | (847) 543-0752