Janet Breum

Position: School Secretary

Janet Breum started at PCCS as a substitute teacher in the fall of 2018 and then, in January of 2020, stepped in to temporarily fill the open School Secretary position. In Summer of 2020, in the middle of a pandemic she joined PCCS full time as the School Secretary. She was impressed with how well everyone at PCCS rose to the challenge of remote education. It was a job well done. Her favorite quote is “THINK before you speak: Is it True, is it Helpful, is it Important, is it Necessary, is it Kind?” She thinks that if more people took this to heart our world would be a much kinder place. If Janet was 80 years old she would tell her grandchildren that people and relationships are more important than things. She would tell them to make sure to take time to love the people in their lives well.

pccsoffice@pccharterschool.org | (847) 543-9722