Debra Bredican

Position: Bookkeeper

Debra started at PCCS in 2018 as our Bookkeeper. For Debra, it has always been important not just what work she does – but for whom she is working. Being at PCCS is a perfect match for her – combining her stewardship of nature within the environment of a school – a school being one of her favorite places! Debra started her career in accounting and business as she loves working with numbers and math. She has also spent time volunteering to produce environmental TV shows, worked in health food stores, environmental presentations, created and prepared her own organic food service, and returned to college and received a degree in graphic design. Debra loves water and has always lived with water nearby, be it a lake or ocean. Debra feels connecting with nature is a daily essential and brings her peace and joy. One of her greatest environmental concerns surrounds the destruction of our land and farming practices – for decades she has been committed to an organic lifestyle – food, personal care and cleaning products. Debra’s favorite quote is “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi | (224) 541-3973