Ms. Bonicontro

Position: Instructional Assistant

Allison started at PCCS in 2015 as an instructional assistant. After college she was looking to get her feet wet in the teaching world and she found PCCS and fell in love! The longer Allison is on the campus the more she feels like she belongs there!! Allison graduated from Bradley University with a degree in Elementary Education and has been working at a preschool teaching three-year-olds. She is very excited to be here. Allison shares that she loves to be outside. The more she can be outside and interacting with nature the more at peace she feels.  One interesting thing people may not know about her is that she doesn’t like wearing matching socks… 🙂  Her favorite childhood book is Harry Potter! She’s a huge HP nerd and as a child, this series helped her learn that it is okay to be different.