Mrs. Baynes

Position: Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Baynes started in 2017 as a substitute teacher.  Mrs. Baynes had heard great things about this small school’s ideals. She likes how the surrounding community keeps natural areas. Being outdoors, taking care of nature, and using renewable energy is important to her. Mrs. Baynes earned her BA in Elementary Education while raising two daughters. She is endorsed in Social Studies and Middle school teaching. She has taught Pre-K, 4th, and  5th grades. In addition, Mrs. Baynes has served as lead teacher for Northwestern University’s Saturday Enrichment Program. Most recently, she taught for Engineering For Kids. Her family enjoys visiting all kinds of nature areas to learn about their native plants and animals. They also take advantage of local farmers markets. Mrs. Baynes wants her students to understand how all living species are interdependent and that we need to care for all of them. Her goal is to incorporate all areas of the curriculum to accomplish this. What she likes most about PCCS is that each student gets a lot of support from everyone that works here. Her favorite quote is “May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears “ by Nelson Mandela.