Jesse Alvarado

Position: Maintenance Staff

Jesse Alvarado started at PCCS in 2002. The initial reason Mr. Alvarado joined PCCS was because of the community, working with the children here and the staff. He finds all the staff and parents to be very friendly and supportive. Mr. Alvarado has also worked at the YMCA and at JCPenney for several years.

The environment, for Mr. Alvarado, is important. He used to work with his Grandpa farming when he was a boy; this school community reminds him of his childhood and the importance his family placed on gardening and the outdoors. He feels very strongly about protecting and caring for birds in our area. He often purchases food for the birds in the area near his home. Mr. Alvarado would be Superman, if he could be any superhero, because Superman can fly. He’s always dreamed of being able to fly. | (847) 543-9722