Abe Janis

Position: Board Member

Abe Janis resides in Grayslake with his wife and two PCCS students.  He has worked in R&D in the medical device and regenerative medicine industries for over twenty years. He received his M.S. in Biology from Portland State University and a B.S. in General Science from the University of Oregon. Currently, Abe serves as a mentor at MATTER, the healthcare innovator community and is the principal scientist for chronic wound care R&D at Hollister Incorporated in Libertyville. Prior to joining Hollister, Abe led research teams at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center-Bethesda, ACell Inc. in Columbia MD, and a series of start-ups in Los Angeles. Abe has a passion for promoting science, technology and math (STEM) in education, and he believes that tomorrow’s challenges can best be answered through environmentally aware and sustainable solutions.

Board Appointed
Term 10/2019 – 10/2022