Camp Wildside 2017

explore. engage. connect.

Thinking about summer camp?

Looking for a unique and fun camp experience for your child?

Interested in connecting with other kids and making new friends?

If you answered yes to any of these, then this is the camp for you!

Spend the summer with Camp Wildside as we play in, connect with, and enjoy every aspect of the natural world around us. Campers will be engaged and immersed in their surroundings through a variety of hands on activities designed to foster leadership skills and strengthen bonds to nature and each other.


Run by PCCS staff and college age alumni, Camp Wildside gives each camper a wealth of activities and opportunities to explore the outdoors, as well as participate in arts and crafts, creative drama, sports, games, and much more!

Camp will run from June 5 through July 28. Each session is two weeks in length, and both three and five day camp options are available.

Questions?  Contact us.

Registration Forms

Welcome to Camp Wildside! We are excited to spend the summer with your child.  Here you will find forms in both English and Spanish versions.  Camp registration will be open from now through May 1st.   Camp Wildside begins on Monday, June 15 and runs through Friday, July 28th, 2017.

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WildSide Blog

See below for some highlights from our 2015 camp season. Join in the fun and be part of Camp Wildside this summer!

July 12, 2015

This week we have enjoyed the cooler weather and the rain. We have continued to play activities and games outside while experiencing nature. We have continued to look at properties of water through various experiments, such as gummy worms in hot or cold water, soaking celery in died water, and wrapping tree leaves in bags to find water! Campers have been learning about water’s properties and how it affects nature around it. The pond sweep was one of the camper’s  favorite activities where we collected specimens that live in our local ponds.

Next week we will be focusing on the Earth. We have plans to lean about leaves, and why they are shaped certain ways, about local ecosystems, and more!

Reminder: We will have our cookout on Friday, please bring your own food for us to cook. Also, please continue to send your student with a spare set of clothes in case we get wet!

July 6, 2015

We were so excite to see our campers today after a long weekend of Independence Day fun! Today was a blast! We enjoyed going on a nature scavenger hunt with paint chips to find exact color matches. It was hard, but we did an awesome job! We hiked to the homestead where we played games and picked some wild berries. When we were done, we picked a ton of raspberries and played some games in the gym, Gaga ball is still a huge favorite.

After lunch, we played several rounds of drip, drip, DRENCH. Think duck, duck, goose with lots of water. We enjoyed it so much that by the time we were done, everyone was wet. We decided we should dry off a little and took a walk around campus. However, when we came back we started a water fight! Lots of fun!

The best part? We went to do solo spots at the horseshoe and got to watch the storm roll in. It was really neat until we got caught in it! Once inside we listened to music, made flubber, and played some nature bingo.

As a reminder…

Since it is water week, please send your child with a swimsuit or change of clothes. We plan on enjoying the water as much as we can!

June 30, 2015

Due to the holiday, there will be no camp on Friday, July 3. Please enjoy your holiday weekend!

June 25, 2015

This Week…

We’ve had an AWESOME week getting to know the nature around Prairie Crossing and the lives of the birds and bugs on campus. Some of our favorite activities this week included making popsicles from the fruits growing on campus and doing our very first prairie sweep! What’s a prairie sweep? We grabbed some nets and enjoyed catching the creatures that live in the prairie! We inspected them and determined why these bugs live in the prairie.

June 19, 2015

This Week…

We’ve had an absolute great time getting to know your campers this week! This week we got sketch books and have enjoyed decorating them and making them our own. We made sun prints with special paper, did our first nature journal solo spot, and even enjoyed some of the edible plants around campus. We’ve played lots of games too!

Next Week…

Sky theme continues as we look to birds, bugs, and things that fly. Some of our favorite activities next week include dissecting owl pellets and making popsicles! We will also be TYE DYING on FRIDAY. Please send your camper with a labeled white shirt and a plastic bag, we’ll provide the rest!

As A Reminder…

Campers should have a reusable water bottle and closed toed shoes everyday. Also, it is highly recommended that your camper carries sunscreen. Cookouts will be held on FRIDAYS. Send your camper with an uncooked hotdog or hamburger and we will cook it together! We will provide chips, ketchup and mustard.

June 15, 2015
Welcome to Summer Camp!

Even with the wet start we had an awesome day with your kids playing all sorts of games both indoor and outdoor. We enjoyed playing games such as ninja, nuke em’, and gaga ball. We created an obstacle course in the gym too!
The best part? Getting to finally get outside! We got the opportunity to walk to the homestead, a 15 minute trail walk. At the homestead, which is a wooded area near the school, we got to climb trees, dig for bugs, and just be kids! Many campers picked up items they haven’t seen before such as leaves, flowers, rocks, and cones to put into a safe keeping bag.
We’re excited to see where the rest of the summer takes us! As a reminder please make sure to send your camper with a water bottle and close toed shoes everyday. On wet days, like today, its best to make sure that your camper also has some bug spray to keep the mosquitoes at bay.
Looking forward to a great summer,
Camp Wild Side Staff

June 12, 2015

We are looking forward to seeing our campers on June 15th! Come prepared for a day of sunshine and outdoors. Each camper should come with a hat, sunscreen, gym shoes, lunch, and a reusable water bottle.