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8th Social Studies / Language Arts / Reading 26

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Paul Habel has been teaching at Prairie Crossing since 2004. Prior to PCCS, he taught Reading, Social Studies, and Language Arts for three years in a public school in Lake Villa. He is a lifelong resident of the Gurnee area, and really has no desire to live anywhere else, except for maybe historic Virginia. His wife, Tammy, works for a not-for-profit organization at home and helps take care of their three children: Corey, age 16, Taryn, age 14, and Jesse, age 9.

Teaching is a second career for Mr. Habel. He spent 12 years working at a civil engineering firm right out of high school, because he originally thought he wanted to be an architect. He soon realized how much math that would include, and decided that maybe that wasn’t a good career choice. About six years ago his friends and family convinced him that he should be teaching and sharing with young teenagers, so he went back to school and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and his Illinois Teaching Certification. It is one of the best decisions he ever made.

Mr. Habel has found teaching to be the most challenging and most rewarding thing he has ever done, and he loves it. He enjoys sharing America’s past with his students and hopes he can encourage them to write their own chapter.

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