Special Services

Regular Education Services at PCCS

At Prairie Crossing Charter School, additional services may be available to students at-risk of not meeting grade level expectations.  For students who qualify, tutoring services are currently offered in the areas of reading and math. Prairie Crossing Charter School has developed a Response to Intervention Plan, a regular education initiative which provides a blueprint for teachers to develop interventions and assist planning for their student's academic development.

Special Education Services at PCCS

Prairie Crossing Charter School offers special education services to students who qualify. Special Education staff include two special education teachers, a psychologist, a social worker, speech/language therapist and occupational therapist. PCCS utilizes a detailed problem solving plan to identify student needs and develop how services are provided to an individual student.

Prairie Crossing Charter School recognizes parents are a critical member of the team and encourages parent involvement in the problem solving process. It is important for parents to understand their rights regarding special education services for their child(ren). Click here to learn about your rights (Spanish).

We believe that children are our best hope to improve the world.

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