Mr. Zaragoza

Position: Instructional Assistant

Peter Zaragoza started at PCCS in 2015 as an Instructional Assistant. He considers coming to PCCS is a great way to gain experience in a professional educational setting. He feels fortunate to have this opportunity most importantly contribute to the growth of resource programs.  His professional experience is just getting started here at PCCS, but he comes from a family of teachers. This is his first step on a long road towards continuing a tradition.

Mr. Zaragoza has always been fascinated with the natural world around me. Trips to the Field Museum were strongly imprinted on his childhood and he hopes to share that same enthusiasm with students. Not only does he have to watch it every time it’s on, but he has to dance along with Happy Feet. Those penguins know how to make his heart sing. He stated that he believes he was meant to be a penguin in another life. He likes the cold, doesn’t like moving, and is terrified of seals.