Ms. McNally

Position: Instructional Assistant

Sydney McNally started at PCCS in the fall of 2017 as an instructional assistant. ¬†She became enthralled by the uniqueness of PCCS and all that it stands for from both an environmental and educational standpoint. Sydney graduated from Bradley University with a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a concentration in fine arts. She had the pleasure of student teaching at Norwood Primary School in a third grade classroom. Sydney has always loved the outdoors, and is very passionate about nature, health, and the environment. She is thrilled to be part of a school that has such an emphasis on being environmentally conscious. Her favorite quote is “What? Like it’s hard?” from legally blonde because you can do anything if you put your mind to it! If she could have dinner with anyone from history, it would be Alexander Hamilton because she would want to know what he thinks about the musical.