Mr. Hurwitz

Grade: 6 Position: Instructional Assistant

Sam Hurwitz started at PCCS in 2016 as an instructional assistant. Sam is excited by the opportunity to work at PCCS, and was brought to PCCS because of the unique and interesting methods that it presents as a school. In May of 2016, Sam graduated from the University of Iowa, where he completed his student teaching at Horace Mann Elementary School in a 3rd and 4th grade classroom. Over the summers, Sam works as a site supervisor at a day camp at the Buffalo Grove Park District. Sam feels that nature should be a key aspect of everyone’s everyday life, as he loves to spend as much time outside as he can. He also believes that there are so many life-applicable lessons that the environment presents to us, and students at PCCS have a great opportunity to capitalize on those life-applicable lessons. One interesting thing that people might not know about Sam is that he taught himself three musical instruments — guitar, piano, and ukulele. Sam’s favorite childhood book is any book from the Harry Potter series. While he grew up enjoying many different books, he was captured by the first Harry Potter book, and it has been his favorite childhood book ever since. If Sam could have dinner with anyone from history, it would be either John Lennon or George Harrison. While he thinks it would be fascinating to talk to Abraham Lincoln or George Washington, nothing would beat meeting a member of one of his favorite bands, The Beatles, for Sam.