Mrs. Germata

Position: Instructional Assistant

Katie Germata started at PCCS in 2005, intrigued with the idea of working at an environmentally-based school. With a background in writing, Mrs. Germata had previously worked at both District 76 and Mundelein High School in many capacities.

She feels that her strongest attribute and enjoyment has always been working with, and interacting with children of all ages. Growing up on the East coast offered many opportunities to explore and discover the fascinating world around her from the ocean to the forests and mountains. That fascination continued after moving to Illinois and its unique environment. Working at PCCS has increased her appreciation of the natural world while giving her the opportunity to encourage that kind of interest in our students. Something people may not know about Mrs. Germata is that she is an author and her life outside of PCCS is spent writing her next book. Whether they are plants or animals, PCCS has taught her the impact that invasive species can have on the environment.