Lottery Registration

Lottery/Wait List Information and Lottery Registration Information
We have openings in 7th and 8th grades! Registration forms for our current school year (2014-2015) are available HERE (Spanish). Please contact us to learn more.

Enrollment Information:
All students accepted for enrollment at Prairie Crossing Charter School must go through the lottery registration process.The lottery is a nonexclusive, nondiscriminatory process where all students who live in Districts 50 and 79 are welcome to apply. Siblings of current students are given priority where space allows. Legal residency must be established as of the day of the lottery for an applicant to be included in the in-district lottery process.  Out-of-district students will only be admitted after all in-district student applications have been placed during the lottery process.

Lottery Information:
The School Lottery is held once a year; our lottery was held on March 3rd at 7pm.  Registration forms are also accepted after the Lottery drawing; please click here for the After Lottery Registration Form.  Students will be placed on the wait list based on the following priority: siblings of returning/current students, in-district applicants and then out-of-district applicants. The student wait list is maintained and updated as changes are made for the current school year and the next school year after the March drawing.  Please be sure to check the correct list to determine your students placement on the wait list.

Please familiarize yourself with Policies associated with the lottery process.

1. Admissions to Prairie Crossing Charter School  (in Spanish)

2. Fee Waiver Policy  (in Spanish)

3. Transportation Policy  (in Spanish)

4. Volunteer Policy  (in Spanish)

Please contact Janette Siegel, Administrative Assistant, at 847.543.9722, or here with any questions.

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