When do you

think our children

should begin to

learn about

caring for the

world in

which they live?

At Prairie Crossing Charter School, we think that, from the beginning of their education, children should not only learn about the environment but should experience the joy of interacting with the natural world in a hands-on way.

Through our integrated environmental curriculum, we aim to break down traditional barriers between subjects and make learning more meaningful to students. Our students leave Prairie Crossing Charter School not only incredibly well prepared academically for high school and beyond, but as well-rounded citizens who make a positive impact wherever they go. 

Our goal is not only to influence our own students, but to serve as a model for other schools so that they too can integrate hands-on environmental education into their curriculum.  We strive to raise a generation of youth who can lead us toward a future in which caring for our earth is innate and essential.

Please join Prairie Crossing Charter School in educating a future generation of environmental stewards. It is because of you, our donors, that we are able to bind together to provide the type of education that leaves one of our seventh grade students saying this: “Who knows what my future will bring, but no matter what happens I know Prairie Crossing Charter School has helped it. I am a dreamer, but I know one day I will make a difference that only Prairie Crossing could have helped me make.”

Invest in our future at Prairie Crossing Charter School!

For more information, please contact the Development Department at pccs [at] pccharterschool [dot] org.

We believe that children are our best hope to improve the world.

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